What's in a Museum Trip? A close look at how museum educators can facilitate critical thinking.

Jacqueline Du

In The Museum Scholar Volume 2, Number 1 (2018)

Abstract Elementary school groups visit museums to provide their students with an enriched learning experience supplementing classroom lessons. Museum trips are usually limited in time; about 60-90 minutes including transitions between arrival and departure, and often last-minute transportation woes. How can educators guarantee a successful learning experience in a constricted time frame to students they are meeting for the first time? This article considers voices in the field of museum education, examining critical pedagogy and previous field research of students’ art experiences in museums. Through a case study of kindergarten learners at the Brooklyn Museum, New York, this article presents support for the use of essential questions in framing museum visits for school groups.


Keywords Museum Education; Critical Thinking; Kindergarten; Inquiry-Based Teaching

Chapter 1: Engaging Audiences, Building Community, Challenging Power: Museum Education and Public Art

Susan McCullough, Marit Dewhurst, and Jackie Du

Page 28-40.

In Museums and Public Art? edited by Cher Krause Knight and Harriet F. Senie. 2018: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.