Static Cling / Hang Ups (Installation View), 2016, Javits Center North, New York
Jackie's artwork dreams of child's play with a post-apocalyptic attitude.


Participants are invited to activate each space with spontaneous personal interactions. Painted, and handsewn costume pieces reveal situations where participants are encouraged to interact and play out their personal performative fantasies. Reminiscent of a child's play, Jackie's installations suggest the arbitrariness between public and private arenas, offering intimacy and anonymity.

Jackie's work references the invisibility of (non-anglo-euro-centric) women in public arenas, creating masks to veil the wearer and magnify her visibility at the same time. Inspiration comes both from various head-coverings that women worldwide adorn, and from the natural life-saving camouflages that animals are born with.

© Jackie Du 2020

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